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Neo Era Media is currently working on some other projects including new Game destinations and a Trading portal.
We run and maintain a number of sites on the net, including our flagships, Neoseeker, and CanuckAudioMart. The main drive with each of our projects is to continuously improve upon everything the site has to offer and to service the communities that thrive on each site as much as possible.

Neoseeker - Hardware and Entertainment Enthusiast destination Neoseeker is one of North America's largest destinations for computer hardware enthusiasts and hardcore gamers. Over 200,000 visitors come daily for our indepth coverage of tech, and our wealth of entertainment information.

CanuckAudioMart - Canada's Largest Hifi, Audio, and Home theater classifieds site CanuckAudioMart aka "CAM" is Canada's premier hifi, audio, and home theater site. It is the largest classifieds site for hifi and audio in Canada, and it boasts a strong community of enthusiasts of this fine hobby. CAM is literally the largest site of its type in Canada, in fact, it is THE ONLY authorititative audio classifieds site in the country.

GameGrep is our brand new "community news site" for gamers. GameGrep brings together the freshest, most interesting game news from around the net into one single place. Better known as a "social news site", GameGrep enables users to not just read news from various sources, it lets them find the most talked about and most interesting news available. Using a special "activity" rating system, GameGrep harnesses the know-how and interest of the gaming community to let YOU know just what is worth reading.

  OverClockers Club is a new member to the Neo Era Media family of community sites, but it is by no means a new-commer to the internet. Founded in 1999 as one of the original destinations for overclockers, modders, and performance enthusiasts, OverClockers Club ("OCC", as it is known by its fans and many enthusiasts) has risen to become one of the world's most well known and best established extreme performance sites. OCC features daily news, a high volume of techie reviews, and guides, plus a hardcore computer and gaming enthusiast community.

mofocases - hardcore case mod gallery